The Marketing Of Rock Star: INXS

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Is there a doubt in anyone’s mind that Mig Ayesa is the only sound choice to front INXS?
I know by that statement that it’s also an admission that I am tragically engrossed in this reality TV show train wreck that is Rock Star: INXS. At first, I thought it was just to hear some good singers cover some good rock tunes, but then what really hit me is how the production company that is working Rockstar: INXS has a real bees nest on it’s hands.
You see, there are some super-talented singers on the show – no doubt about that – but Mig Ayesa (and this is my humble opinion) is the only clear choice to front a band like INXS. As each show progresses, it almost seems to me like the producers are downplaying this just to make it look like an actual competition. After seeing Mig for about thirty seconds in the first episode I knew he was the guy. I feel it even more now. He’s a great fit. But if it looks too obvious, who’s going to watch?
So now, the creators of Rock Star: INXS have one big challenge: keep the show competitive and interesting and not make it too obvious that Mig is the guy. Imagine if you had to market something and the goal was to actually downplay the obvious, greatness and remarkableness (is that a word?) of your offering. It’s weird, but it must be a challenging marketing gig and a dilemma that most would embrace.
So now you know one of my guilty pleasures. I watch Rock Star: INXS.
I have to go and text message my vote for Mig now.