The Making Of Stuff

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It’s time to push beyond digital.

Most of the stuff that I blog about (or create) is not physical. Digital marketing is very real, but it’s very digital. It’s the stuff a consumer sees on a screen. We tend to forget that you need the hardware to see all of that cool stuff. As I have blogged about before, one my favorite new video podcasts is Kevin Rose and his show, Foundation. In the latest episode, Rose sits down with Hosain Rahman, the founder and CEO of Jawbone. Most people know Jawbone for either their Bluetooth hands-free headsets or their Bluetooth-enabled speakers. For my dollar, I am most interested in their latest product, Up. It fits on your wrists like a Nike Fuelband, but it does more than monitor your movement and allocate you points. Up monitors your movement along with your sleep and more. It is tied into an app that helps you better understand how you are living (and how to live better). What makes the following conversation so fascinating is the progression of how Rahman and his team took some school research and delved deeper into solving the problem of audio, voice and more… and now into a substantial (and important) international business.

Here’s another fascinating conversation about the power of solving problems and turning it into business…