The LinkedIn Mastermind Behind The Future Of Work

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If anyone knows about the state of work and the economy, it would have to be Reid Hoffman.

Hoffman is a known entity. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn. LinkedIn was recently acquired by Microsoft for over $26 billion. Along with being a part of what has become known as the PayPal Mafia, he’s also an investor in another tech and Silicon Valley startups (including Airbnb, Facebook, and many more). The billionaire is also passionate about how we work… and how we will work (he co-authored the bestselling books, The Startup Of You and The Alliance). Most recently, he sat down with Charlie Rose (one of my personal personal favorite conversationalists) to discuss the current economy, LinkedIn, investing and, of course, where this all going. It’s an amazing two-part conversation and one that everyone should check out.

Watch it right here: Charlie Rose In Conversation With Reid Hoffman Part One and Part Two.