The Internet And The Publishing World… A Look Back (And Update From Yesterday)

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If yesterday’s Blog posting, When The Only Thing That Can Save You Will Also Kill You…, got you thinking, you might want to watch this little news clip from YouTube on the newspaper industry and computers (circa 1981) called, 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON:

(hat-tip Hugh McGuireThe Book Oven).


  1. This is awesome, great retro effect. Brings back a lot of memories, the old hardware and delivery systems. I think its hilarious how everyone in the video is kinda laughing at the idea. I guess we see who is laughing now.

  2. wow, this video is amazing, I was a mere 2 years old, I didn’t know that they were already working on that at that point. It’s interesting to see that we are still fumbling around with paper newspaper though. I guess the digital natives are going to just use the kindle (or similar).

  3. Whats a phone doing with a round dial full of numbers on the front? Ok, I remember those rotary things, but my favourite device was the brown box television controller connected with a cable to the television. That saved me the 9 feet from having to switch the dial manually when I was REALLY little.

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