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Today’s edition of The Globe And Mail has an article titled, Big Business Climbs Aboard Social Media Bandwagon, in the Report On Business section. The article was written by Ian Harvey and features a handful of quotes from Michael Seaton (Scotiabank and The Client Side – full disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image).
Here’s a sample of the article:
“Yet participants in social media communities are not naive. What a business brings to the party can often determine whether the audience will gravitate toward its space. Businesses are finding that worthy on-line content – often humorous or intellectual – is the equivalent of the proverbial beer keg.
‘It’s not about crashing the party for business,’ said Michael Seaton, director of digital media at Bank of Nova Scotia who maintains a blog at ‘Because when business shows up in the social media space, it could be like your parents coming home early. Far better to get an invitation.’
Scotiabank has had some success building an on-line community with a million subscribers to its monthly e-mail. The next step is to parlay that into an interactive on-line community. But there are still some wrinkles to be worked out.”
Mainstream media has a job to do – which is to poke holes in all new opportunities and see what leaks out. After reading this article, one idea stuck out: any new form of media will be challenged by the traditional ones. Whether it’s fear or skepticism. But, when it comes to social media, how do you create holes in something that we’re all a part of? The minute you comment on a Blog, share a picture with friends on Flickr or watch a video on YouTube, you’re a part of the social media fabric.
Why wouldn’t businesses want to be a part of social media? And that’s the point that Harvey drives home properly… it’s not about diving in head first. It’s all about dipping your toe in and feeling what the water’s like.
You can read the full article here: The Globe And Mail – Report On Business – Big Business Climbs Aboard Social Media Bandwagon.

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  1. Thanks for the mention.
    That was exactly the point I was making. Dipping toes in the water, creating small wins and demonstrating an understading of the space is of critical importance to any business looking at social media. Simply showing up and saying “we are here now, pay attention to us” is a receipe for brand disaster.
    Posting a lame 30 second TV spot on YouTube is not it; creating a self-serving corporate blog that only flogs product is not it: crafting inauthentic messages to gain access/credibility with a community is not it; astro-turfing or cheap attemtps at viral is not it, etc.
    It has to be genuine and add something to the mix. I like how Ian Harvey jumped on the theme I discussed with him of being wary of “crashing the party”.
    My point was all about how business has a place here. Done properly, brands that demonstrate a well-thought out approach can attact all the right attention. As well, delivering value can be quite lucrative down the line.
    As kids/teens, we all remember those adults that were a wet blanket. Remember the tune “parents just don’t understand”?
    However, we also remember how great it was when adults actullay took notice and became part of the experience in a way that you never thought possible. Now thats really when we are “gellin”! ; )

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