The Future of The Digital Economy

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Are you excited or worried about the future of the world?

There are very divisive lines of thought when it comes to this question. It’s hard not to look at places like Nepal and Baltimore, and wonder what the future holds. Both, the things that we – as human beings – create and the reality of things that Mother Nature holds over our heads. Life is complex. Human beings are complex. We are also a very resilient group. We have evolved (though, some might question that). We have created. Technology is one of those fascinating things. If you track the history of computers and connectivity, you are faced with a tapestry of innovation, entrepreneurship and a strong sense of wonder. In 2015, we are beginning to see how technology moves from being a tool that companies use, to being as pervasive as air and an integral component of everything that we do.

What is the forecast for the digital economy?

In January of this past year, several world leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the economy, politics, health, business and more. During this conference, there was a panel discussion titled, The Future of The Digital Economy that featured Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Eric Schmidt from Google, Satya Nadella from Microsoft and Vittorio Colao from Vodafone. The panel was, ultimately, about optimism. It was about the transformation of business (and much more), and provided a very interested conversation about what we can expect from the giant businesses and how they plan to help the world as their core businesses develop and change.

The Future of the digital economy