The Future Groundswell

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How do technologies and trends rise up and take hold with everybody everywhere? How did the Internet become what it is? Why does online social networking work so well at connecting people?

Charlene Li is one of the co-authors of the very popular Social Media and Web 2.0 book, Groundswell – Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, that came out earlier this year. She co-wrote Groundswell with Josh Bernoff while they were both at Forrester Research. Li has since moved on to create her own company, Altimeter Group.

About three weeks ago, Li was asked to speak at Google. Following is her very interesting presentation where she spends some time looking at what potential future groundswells will arise: Authors@Google – Charlene Li


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this video, Mitch. I’m a fan of the Groundswell book so it is a treat to watch Charlene Li and see how she takes the thinking to another level. I’ve watched it through once, and feel I need to go through it again, this time taking notes!

  2. Mitch, thanks so much for sharing this video with us. It has a balanced view on social media. Most important, i think, is the problem of changing a companies management schemes to fully take advantage of social media.

  3. Charlene talked about establishing deeper relationships with one’s customers and the use of social media to accomplish that. It presumes that everyone wants a deeper relationship. You might find this (The anatomy of a brand purchase) of value:
    The central thesis is that a brand will achieve greater market success when it comes to recognize and respond to one of 4 basic types of (economic/Wallet, rational/Mind, emotional/Heart, committed/Life) relationships that its customers can have with the brand. These relationship characteristics define what elements of the brand value chain they will be more receptive to and the kind of ‘psychological’ language that marketers should be using when communicating with those brand customers.
    Hope this helps.

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