The Foundation Of Social Business

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Too many companies still struggle with social media.

Here’s the newsflash: some of the smarter businesses have moved on. It’s no longer just about their media being social, but the business (as an entity). Is this a problem? Not for the brands that embrace this newfound opportunity. For others, they simply don’t know where to begin. Jeremiah Owyang  is currently Partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group, a research based advisory firm started by Charlene Li (Groundswell and Open Leadership). I’ve been following Jeremiah since his days at Forrester Research and was one of the earlier readers/fans of his blog, Web Strategy. Just this past weekend, Jeremiah appeared on my podcast, Six Pixels of Separation (you can listen to it right here: SPOS #303 – Why Social Media Agencies Are Turning To Advertising With Jeremiah Owyang), but today he tweeted about a recent presentation he gave at the Dachis Group‘s Social Business Summit 2012 titled, Build A Scalable Program Through Social Readiness. In this 30-minute presentation, you will learn the merit and opportunities that happen when you start thinking about your business as a social business.

This will be well-worth your time…


  1. A great share. This is a fantastic examples for companies. It provides insight into what budding companies should aspire for.
    What stage do you think Twist Image is at in the hierarchy of needs?

  2. Mitch: Outstanding as usual: thank you for slotting Jeremiah’s fine and relevant presentation on Social Business: The foundation of anything else following social is having FIRST enterprise becoming social themselves among themselves and flattening hierarchy into “Wirearchy” as Jon Husband (@jonhuaband) intelligently coins it. The holistic level outstanding Social Businesses like Dell, Zappos, Intel & BestBuy have reached is very unlikely to happen to most companies out there! Thank you for posting this video and Regards from over the pond Hamburg GER!

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