The First Rule Of Social Media Is: You Talk About Social Media

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Forget about the conversation.

If the first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club, then the first rule of social media is that you must talk about social media. Don’t shoot for a conversation, simply do your best to make your content as shareable and as findable as possible. That is the true core of what makes something social in the first place: the ability for someone to even know/find it and their ability to share it. If those two locks can get opened, every brand has the opportunity to then hit a level of engagement, and from there – if you’re really cooking with gas – you may… may!… get some semblance of a conversation.

Do as I say. Not as I do.

It’s no news that this blog doesn’t follow or bends a lot of the commonly held best practices for what makes something boogie online. That being said, those best practices are translated to the work that we do with our clients at Twist Image, and it never hurts to look at what gets results to be inspired to improve the work that we do. If you create content, you know the cold hard truth: the half-life of digital content is short… and getting shorter. How often do you look back on content that someone created a few months ago? A couple of years ago? Not often. Sadly. Recently, I came across this amazing SlideShare presentation put together by Upworthy titled, 10 Ways To Win The Internets. In it you will see not how to create content, but how to boost your content by thinking differently about things like headlines, images and where those share buttons should be placed. In the past few days, I’ve found myself going back to the content in this presentation multiple times. Interestingly, it this presentation is from 2012.

Here are 10 ways to win the Interwebs…

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