The End Of Absence With Michael Harris

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Episode #430 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

"Every revolution in communication technology – from papyrus to the printing press to Twitter – is as much an opportunity to be drawn away from something as it is to be drawn toward something. And yet, as we embrace a technology’s gifts, we usually fail to consider what we’re giving up in the process. Why would we bother to register the end of solitude, of ignorance, of lack? Why would we care than an absence had disappeared?"

This is the question that award-winning journalist at Western Living and Vancouver magazines, Michael Harris, began thinking about. If everything is always ringing, buzzing and vibrating in our pockets with some kind of alert, update or signal, are we able – as a society – to figure out what is a true signal and what is noise? Are we losing something special in a world where the is no absence because we’re constantly connected to something? He wrote a book about it titled, The End Of Absence. Harris believes that we are, indeed, losing something as technology connects us more and more to information and one another. What do you think? Enjoy the conversation…

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