The Distortion Of Sound

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We have everything that we need at our fingertips. Is that a good thing?

Need an article on something? There’s a site for that. Need a video tutorial on any topic in the world? These a YouTube channel for that. It’s hard to imagine how we did anything before the Internet came along. People are consumed with culture in a way that we have never seen. Watching movies, watching television, listening to music, reading a book… whatever your heart’s desire is a mere swipe of the finger away. The question (and it gets raised time and time again) is this: how much quality do we have access to in a world of quantity? Most of the music we discover now happens on YouTube, but just how good is the quality of this music. Whether it’s a MP3 or a YouTube video, the music is heavily compressed to make is as accessible as possible. Does anybody care? Is it just musicians and purist who really notice the nuances between something that was created in a studio instead something compressed down to a MP3 file and pushed out through mediocre earbuds? Well, it turns out that musicians are really feeling the sting, and that consumers are suffering because they’re not getting the full spectrum and audio experience that the music was created for. A wonderful mini-documentary titled, The Distortion of Sound, was recently published online, and it examines the massive decline of sound quality and how technology has dramatically changed the way we listen to music.

Do you simply want more music or a richer music experience? Please watch: The Distortion of Sound