The Business Of Creativity

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It’s the question we all want answered: where does creativity comes from (and how can I get me some of it!)?

I would be open to argue that creativity is a team sport. While one person may be the lightning rod by which is comes out, its source comes from a myriad of people, interactions, environments and a willingness to explore them. Our world is filled with opportunities to uncover our own, personal, creativity. We also have businesses that are based, driven and capitalized on by their own creativity. Pixar would be one of those organizations. There’s a new book out called, Creativity, Inc. that is well worth your time and attention. It is written by Ed Catmull (the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation). Catmull has won five academy awards, and has worked with people like George Lucas, Steve Jobs and many others. His movie credits are almost as impressive the revenues that they have generated. So, how does he feel about creativity, storytelling, technology and excellence? Catmull is a Fellow of the Computer History Museum and, in this conversation with John Hollar (which runs for over an hour), you will learn about how he thinks about nurturing a creative culture that blends the arts, technology, media and business into something truly inspiring and revolutionary.

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