The Biz Of Twitter

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Twitter has one of the most fascinating beginnings.

The story of how Twitter came to be is a fascinating one. It’s a melting pot of culture, technology, creativity, design and more. It’s the story of people who were not afraid to try many things, and also decide when to stop doing what wasn’t working. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage withTwitter co-founder, Biz Stone, on a few occasions. We also share the same book publisher. In this episode of Foundation with Kevin Rose, Biz talks about his entrepreneurial roots, how he left college to work in the art and design space and what eventually led to creation of Twitter. He also talks about his departure from the company, his first book, Things A Little Bird Told Me, and his startup, Jelly. Stone is also an investor in companies like Square, Nest and Medium. Ultimately, he’s a fascinating thinker and passionate entrepreneur with lots of interesting business lessons and marketing perspectives for all of us to consider.

Please watch: Foundation with Biz Stone