1. Mitch
    I also enjoyed the Art of the Pitch so much I wrote a “Best Pitching books for Agency New Business” blog post
    Are e-books allowed on your list?
    I have enjoyed George Parker’s Confessions of a Mad Man – for the swearing and straight talking honesty
    The Intention Economy by Doc Searls – for a view of the future when consumers are more powerful than brands
    List Building for bloggers by Phil Hollows http://listbuildingforbloggers.com/ for reminding us that having subscribers is one of the most valuable assets a business can own

  2. Great list, but I’d also add:
    Return on Influence – Mark Schaefer – Excellent book outlining the impact of influence marketing, and looks at both sides of this divisive story.
    The Book of Business Awesome/UnAwesome – Scott Stratten – Extremely entertaining look at what makes modern businesses provide such great customer experiences, and what makes awful businesses fail so miserably.
    Thoroughly enjoyed both reads this year!

  3. Thank you for the kind words and including my book on the list. Among such great company it means a lot.
    Daring Greatly is the book I’ve been telling everyone about (and gifting) this year. Honestly a must read for anyone in my mind.

  4. I am terribly embarrassed (and mad at myself) for not including Mark and Scott’s books on this list. It was nothing but a dumb oversight on my part. I apologize to both of them, because they deserve to be on this list (without question).
    Thanks for adding them to the list, Jonathan and for making me realize that I missed them.

  5. Reading this list reminds that I need to read more. I have read The Impact Equation and CC’s new book. Both great reads. Really fascinated now by the rest of the list. They all look like great books.
    My book recommendations for this year have to be either John Morgan’s Brand Against The Machine or Erika Napoletano’s The Power Of Unpopular.

  6. Thank you, Mitch.
    The “business” books that I got the most out of this year were the old Austrian School texts by Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard. So much media time was spent on them that I felt like I needed the straight story. I couldn’t have been more surprised to learn how shallowly most commentators were reading.

  7. Hi Mitch,
    I’ve only read two from that list, will add the rest to my extensive backlog.
    I must read is Mastery by Robert Greene. I would put this one at the top of the list.

  8. Hey Mitch,
    I’ve got one really big issue with your list – I have no idea which one to start reading first:)
    The books that blew my mind this year were
    Start With Why – Simon Sinek
    Maverick – Ricardo Semler
    Design of Business – Roger Martin
    Brand Gap – Marty Neumeier
    Drive – Daniel Pink
    The End of Business As Usual – Brian Solis
    Stumbling on Happiness – Dan Gilbert
    Multipliers – Liz Wiseman
    Experience Economy – Pine & Gilmore
    Brain Rules – John Medina

  9. Love the list, and suggestions. I would also add to the top of my list: Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly. a wonderful book that I too want to pass on to many people. And The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail but Some Don’t by Nate Silver

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