The Art Of The LEGO Brick

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Episode #453 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Mirum Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

I can’t remember when I first heard of Nathan Sawaya, but I knew his work long before I knew the artist’s name. That’s what happens when you see a sculpture made of LEGO. That sculpture stopped me dead in my tracks. It was very evocative… almost disturbing. Yes, those same little bricks that get jammed into our feet at two in the morning when we’re trying to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Was someone making a joke? Was this serious art? A great piece of art does this. It moves you. Emotionally. Physically. It gets you thinking. After you experience it, you can’t stop thinking about it. Delving online to discover who had created this piece – and if there was any more where that one had come from – you discover Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya was a corporate attorney in New York City, until he decided to leave that life to become a full-time artist working with LEGO bricks as his medium. It’s an amazing journey and a fascinating story. Enjoy the conversation…

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