The Art Of Immersion, Digital Storytelling And Transmedia

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Episode #248 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

I’ve been a long time admirer of the journalism that Frank Rose puts out into the world. A long time contributing editor to Wired Magazine, Rose just released his latest book, The Art Of Immersion – How the Digital Generation Is Remaking Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and the Way We Tell Stories. Rose always sat at the intersection of technology, new media and entertainment and his latest book pushes the concepts of Digital Storytelling and transmedia even further. If you’re interested in Marketing, New Media and the future of advertising, buckle up! And if this content isn’t enough, be sure to check out his Deep Media Blog. Enjoy the conversation…

You can grab the latest episode of Six Pixels of Separation here (or feel free to subscribe via iTunes): Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast #248.