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Last year, I missed the boat in contributing to an online book/project called, The Age of Conversation. It’s an assortment of Blogger types each writing a unique post about the new online social-ness of it all. It is organized by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, who act as Editors, Publishers, Head Chefs and Bottle Washers. Here’s the score: they put out a request to Bloggers to write a chapter (four hundred words max) and slap it all together.

It was quite successful on the last go-round, so they’re doing it again this year. It’s called, The Age of Conversation 2008, and the main topic is, Why Don’t People Get It. They have over two hundred and seventy five Bloggers taking part (including yours truly), and you can see the who’s who over here: Age Of Conversation 2008 Contributors. While I’m not a fan of the main topic title (I actually think people "get it" more and more each day), I do love it when a community gets together to share their insights.

I just submitted my chapter and the title of it is, Manifesto For The New Advertising Agency. That’s all I’m going to Blog about it, you’ll have to wait for the book to read more. The release date for The Age of Conversation 2008 is August 21st, 2008.

In the meantime, the CheapThrills Blog is running one line excerpts from selected Bloggers of The Age of Conversation 2008 to build the hype. You can check it out here: The Age of Conversation 2008: Excerpts.


  1. Did you not see the memo that says new guys get kitchen duty??
    Glad you’re with us this year. It’s going to be quite the book. It’s been fun to see the chapters as they pour in!

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