The 50 Most Innovative Companies

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Where do you pull inspiration from?

Some of the best ideas (be it for clients of Twist Image or words you read in this Blog) come from reading, learning and hearing about new and innovative companies. The ones that really do break the rules. During my years in the music industry, I was often asked if there was a formula for success when it came to a band that would break through. My standard answer was/is: "every rule is an exception." Over the past decade-and-a-half, I’ve become ever-more fascinated by how similar the success of a band is to that of a company. The most innovative companies do things differently. They think differently and they’re willing to risk what they know for something new (sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t).

The 50 most innovative companies.

The latest issue of Fast Company is now on the stands and the cover story is The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2011. While the magazine is always well-worth buying (personally, I never miss an issue), take a look at how innovative Fast Company was with the online version of this article. They make the content flow in a smart and highly-usable way (I wish more publishers would do this kind of development for their important stories). There are some companies on this list that will surprise you, while there are other that you’ll expect/anticipate. Regardless, it’s an amazing read that should inspire you to re-think your business, the industry you serve and how you treat your consumers.

Dig in… and innovate.


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