The Moment That Changed Everything At Work

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What was your professional moment that changed everything?

It seems like a neutered question to ask in this moment.
This moment.
It feels like this is the moment that changed everything.
Or, at least, in this moment we are considering changing everything.

When it comes to work, what was your moment that changed everything?

It wasn’t just one for me.
It was when I decided that I wanted to work for myself.
It was when I decided that stress and anxiety are not worth any job.
It was when I was fired from a company that I really loved.
It was when I decided to hold on, see it through and not let go.
It was when I decided that owning a part of something was better than trying to do it all alone.
It was when I had the courage to be more “me.”
There are others.

I had the chance to share to share my thoughts on yesterday, today and tomorrow on the podcast, The Moment That Changed Everything, this week.

Here’s how the show is described:

“We all have a defining moment in our career that altered our course forever. This series explores stories from notable people across a number of different creative fields as they share the defining moments that shaped who they’ve ultimately become. The Moment serves as inspiration for young creatives looking to break into communication fields, while providing valuable insights for senior marketing/communication executives.”

Here’s how it turned out:

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