The Hype And Realities Of Web3

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Every Tuesday – for just a few minutes – I join Heather Backman (my old buddy from her days on CHOM FM) on the air at Jack 103 (Rogers Sports & Media) to give a quick blast about the current state of technology, media and Internet culture. We’re calling the segment Tech Tuesday (and we do it in just a few minutes).

What is Tech Tuesday?

If you ever find yourself wondering… What, exactly, is the point of TikTok? How can I make myself look better on a Zoom? Reddit? What’s that about? How do I help my kids be safer online? Who’s the latest creator and streamer that I should be checking out?

You are not alone.

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed this morning over on Jack 103 FM for a couple of minutes:

What Is Web3 and Why Should You Care?Gizmodo.

Web 1.0 was static websites.
Web 2.0 was social media – a more dynamic/editable web experience.
Web3 or Web 3.0 is all about decentralization and more democracy. Think cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and the creator economy.

Is this the dawn of a new era?

“Those skeptical about Web3 and its associated technologies might say that there’s still a very real risk of a lot of the generated wealth and value remaining out of reach for the vast majority when it comes to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the rest of Web3—so the rich get richer again. What’s more, many of the perceived villains of Web 2.0 are already making moves in Web3, it’s worth noting.”

Here’s a counter-perspective to the power of Web3: The Web3 Fraud – usenix.

App of the Week: p2p Chat – a free and open source video conference project (think Zoom… and others for free).

Once the segment goes live on Jack 103, I will post it here for you to listen in, learn, share and engage….

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