Terry Fallis And Shel Holtz Break Down Podcasting For Businesses

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Very rarely do I feel so compelled by a Podcast that I actually want to call in to the audio comment line from the stationary bike that I’m working out on. This morning was the first time, ever, that this happened. I was listening to Inside PR Special Edition – Shel Holtz And Terry Fallis Podcasting Presentation In Toronto and it felt like the guys really captured a moment in time with this recording of a presentation they gave to a live audience.
The Podcast runs a bit over an hour and every minute counts. If you are involved in a business that is thinking about how to use Podcasting, legal issues, what other businesses have done, internal communications as Podcasts, or are just looking for the perfect primer on how to create amazing audio content, Shel and Terry really lay it all down.
It’s also a huge testament to the power of Social Media. Terry is based in Toronto and is a partner at Thornley Fallis as well as the co-host of the Inside PR Podcast (along with David Jones). They were inspired to start Inside PR after hearing Shel’s Podcast, For Immediate Release (which is co-hosted by Neville Hobson – Shel is based in California and Neville is based in England). Instead of looking at Shel as a competitor, Fallis (and all of us in the Social Media space) looks to his peers to participate and become partners instead of fighting over clients like it’s a turf war.
If you’ve been sitting on the fence when it comes to Podcasting, please take a listen to their Podcast here: Inside PR Special Edition – Shel Holtz And Terry Fallis Podcasting Presentation In Toronto.

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  1. Mitch, you’re very kind. I had such a great time with Shel while he was up here. Presenting with him was almost effortless. I attribute this to how much time I’ve spent listening to Shel on For Immediate Release. I’ve come to know his style of speaking. It was as if we’d presented many times before even though he reviewed the slides for the first time a few hours before the presentation. Thanks again for your generous post. (Loved having you in Toronto last week.)

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