TED's Secret To Great Public Speaking

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Give your speech, change the world.

That is the name of a great book on how to give presentations that matter by Dr. Nick Morgan (you can hear Nick and I discuss his thinking in an older episode of Six Pixels of Separation right here: SPOS #292 – Great Presentations With Nick Morgan). Being able to craft a fascinating story and deliver it is one of the most powerful skills anyone in business can (and should) possess. One of the best presentations that I participated in at Social Media Marketing World this week in San Diego was Michael Port‘s workshop titled, Heroic Public Speaking: How to Give the Best Presentations of Your Life (you can also hear Michael and I discuss his amazing new book on the subject, Steal The Show, right here: SPOS #472 – How To Steal The Show With Michael Port). For many, the lighthouse of great presentations is TED. TED’s curator is Chris Anderson. In the next few months, as Anderson prepares the launch of his new book, TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, you can expect a lot of mass media attention on the topic of giving a great presentation. This is great news. Perhaps the art of speaking and presenting will get the attention in the mass media that it so rightfully deserves.

Great presentations matter… no matter where they take place. 

It could be at a family dinner, a business meeting or prepping for a job interview. Your ability to communicate an idea is critical for success in all facets of everyday life. Most of us will never get to give a TED Talk, but understanding the development, psychology and skills that it takes will make us all better at business (and life). With that, Chris Anderson just published his own eight-minute TED Talk-ish about the great public speaking to start the buzz behind his new book (which will be published in May 2016). Are there real secrets to giving a great presentation? I don’t think so. It’s less about secrets and it has much more to do with intent, preparation and rehearsal. It’s true that there is no single formula for a great talk, but there are some commonalities that all of the best ones do have in common. Chris Anderson shares what he believes is the big secret, along with four ways to make it work for you. So, are you just going to present some facts, or do you have what it takes to share a real idea that is worth spreading?  

Watch this: Chris Anderson: TED’s secret to great public speaking.