Swinging For The Fences – Catch Me This Afternoon On CBC Radio's Homerun Show

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I will be part of a panel interview this afternoon for the CBC Radio show Homerun starting at around 4:00 pm. Homerun can be heard in the greater Montreal area on CBC 88.5 FM. This is all a part of the CBC program called Montreal Matters.
I have been asked to speak about being a mentor and having a mentor. This opportunity came about through YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) where I sit on the Board Of Directors and I am also the Chairperson of their Entrepreneur’s Program and Entrepreneur’s Conference. I have a strong attachment to this not-for-profit group, so I look forward to this afternoon’s opportunity to let people know about all the great things that YES Montreal does for the Montreal community.
I also love the topic of mentorship. What a great way to build a personal brand, make a huge difference in someone’s life and help your greater community. I have many mentors as well. Some who know, some who don’t and some who are not even alive any more.
It is possible.
Some of the great writers provide me with a constant source of mentorship.
Think of all the people who help you on a daily basis and all of the people you help. Mentorship is really all about giving someone that Fast Forward (Amazing Race lingo).
I hope you’ll tune in and, if all works, think about how you can provide some mentorship to someone who needs it.
You can view the website here: CBC Radio – Montreal Matters.