Sweet Tomatoes Honors The Honor System

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This kind of blew me away. I had a dinner tonight with an old friend who I had not seen in over a decade (mostly because he moved down to Boca Raton and this is my first time down here). We decided on something light and healthy to eat, so he suggested a salad bar/all you can eat type joint called Sweet Tomatoes.
As we were in line, heaping on the arugala and black olives, I realized that the cash was at the end of what seemed like a never-ending row of eatable greenery. I glanced over and asked my friend how this place works. He looked a little dumb-founded. “You choose the food you want and then you pay when you get to the cash,” he said with the sarcasm on eleven. I figured that part out, but I was confused by the “all you can eat” part – how would they know if you paid the first time or not?
“It’s the honor system,” he seemed to have guessed. It is the honor system. We went back multiple times, we were never asked for a receipt or anything and had a great meal.
My guess is that for all of the people who would cheat a place like this, I believe Sweet Tomatoes core corporate philosophy is that most people are good, honest and want that type of treatment.
Sweet Tomatoes is by no means fine dining, but they are, without a doubt, a fine place to take the family. Don’t even get me started on the fact that a restaurant that focuses on healthy eating can rise above this fast food nation.