Surprise! Andy Nulman Is Giving Away Copies Of His New Book

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Longtime Six Pixels of Separation friend (and my former boss), Andy Nulman, is giving away 200 copies of his newest book, Pow! Right Between The Eyes! – How To Profit From The Power of Surprise. The book comes out in the first week of February, but you can get one free…

…if you have your own Blog. According to Andy, here are the rules of his game:

1. Request the book in a post on your blog any way you see fit.

2. Link that post to Pow! here at

3. Please include your mailing address in your post so I know where to send the book.

Here’s how his publisher, Wiley, describes the book:

"Pow! Radical new methods for reaching jaded, cynical consumers.

Put simply, when it comes to your business, your new idea, even yourself, this book can be the difference between a ‘Who cares?’ and a ‘Holy cow!’

Business, both big and small, is in desperate need of new ways to inspire bored and cynical consumers who have grown weary of the same old song and dance. In today’s information economy, it doesn’t matter how many people you reach, but how much attention they pay. And the best way to get attention is with the powerful, but largely misunderstood, element of surprise.

Pow! Enter Andy Nulman with the art of surprise marketing. An explosive new outlook, surprise marketing solidifies the bond between you and your customers like nothing else, and keeps them coming back for more by providing a continuous flow of what they never expected. Pow! Right Between the Eyes reveals the secrets, theories, and tactics of surprise marketing, and wields outrageous real-world examples (and even more outrageous tools like ‘The Lubricant to Yes’ and ‘Euphoric Shock’) to help expand the boundaries of the extreme and create a bigger bang for bigger profits."

Andy is a funny guy (he was the person who launched the infamous Just For Laughs comedy festival). His Blog is always filled with a brilliant blend of creativity, business insight and marketing wisdom. If you have a Blog, it would be well worth it to snag a free copy. If you thought his rules were at all confusing, Andy even made a video to explain it:

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