Steve Jobs. 2011.

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It’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs died on this day in 2011.

In may ways, it feels like yesterday. In many ways, it feels like he’s been gone forever. Nerds like me remember exactly where they were when the news broke. It’s constantly amazing to think about the power and impact that his personality pushed out into the world. Talk about a true “personal brand.” It’s hard not to marvel at his magic every time you touch an iPhone (or iPad… or MacBook). His spirit lives on.

And the company, Apple, lives on and grows.

Go back in time. The armchair pundits thought that the company would be doomed without Steve. They did not believe in Tim Cook. They certainly would not have believed that the company could hit a market cap of a trillion dollars (and, become the first company to do so). Today, Vice published an interview with Apple’s Tim Cook. It’s worth the watch. Cook holds no punches about privacy, what Apple sells, and how they decide what comes to market. The current state of these tech companies look more like monopolies, than a brand that exists to help you to create your next big idea, but Cook acts humble and culture-focused. It’s the perfect conversation for this day, even though the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death is not even mentioned.