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Starbucks is spending the month of September pimping a new Podcast – Coffee Conversations – that is a weekly show. Here’s how the website describes it:
“So, you want to be a coffee expert? Join our experts each Tuesday in September for Coffee Conversations, a unique audio series exploring the world of coffee. Each week, hosts Scott McMartin and Aileen Carrell will take you to ‘Coffee College,’ and invite special guests to share their perspectives on topics such as entertaining with coffee, Fair Trade, coffee composting, home brewing, and selecting the coffee beans that end up in your cup.”
I took a listen to the preview clip and my mind began to wander. Let me start by saying that the fact that Starbucks is even Podcasting puts them above scrutiny. But “coffee college”? I was really hoping for great conversation over coffee. Why not interview Alanis Morissette about her unplugged version of the album, Jagged Little Pill, that was on sale at Starbucks? Why not have Starbucks founder, Howard Schultz, in conversation about how he dreamed up the idea for Starbucks and what he’s got on his plate next? Why not have a couple talking over a hot cup of coffee about a movie they just saw?
Those would be unique Coffee Conversations. That would be content that aligns with Starbucks’ brand of affordable luxury and their sense of every-corner-community.
You can find out more about Starbucks’ Podcast here: Coffee Conversations.

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  1. Hi, Mitch. Interesting post. Aside from the goofy name “Coffee College” I actually think the focus of the podcast is on target. Starbucks can further build their following by going deep in their core competency (or what the public perceives to be their core competency). Yes, Starbucks is trying to become an entertainment brand (with their music series and their recent promotion of “akeelah and the bee”) but I don’t think people think “entertainment” before “coffee”.
    And if Starbucks can authentically take on topics like fair trade and composting, then they might reach some folks who perceive Starbucks as just another chain.
    Now what would be interesting if Starbucks were to *sponsor* a podcast about entertainment … so a couple talking about recent movies and films over a cup of Starbucks.

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