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I do a lot of it. Most of it is in my sleep. I sometimes do it in front out thousands of people. It’s a skill set – one that I am continually trying to master without succumbing to joining Toastmasters (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I simply don’t have the time right now). Did you think I was talking about something other than public speaking?
Profit Magazine recently published this article: Podium Power, written by Allan Britnell. The magazine describes the Podium Power article like this:
“Does the thought of speaking in public make you nervous? For many CEOs, it’s a fate more frightening than death itself. Still, effective speaking skills are among a business leader’s greatest assets. Polish your presentations, and you’ll go a long way to establishing your credibility, communicating your message and persuading others to see your point of view. To help you improve your performance, Profit asked some of Canada’s premier speakers to reveal how they make their speeches sing.”
It’s a quick and important read. As always they get quotes from the best and that includes my favorite public speaker, Mike Lipkin.
It’s good to see that the “butterflies” are common. Whether I’m presenting on how to build your network, how to build your business or how to market your business, I think it’s normal to be a little on edge when all eyes are on you (or me). How do I calm the waves? I think about being a Coach instead of a Speaker, and a Mentor instead of a Presenter.
Read the article here: Podium Power.