Sony PlayStation – Zipatoni Fake Blog For PSP – Day Two

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The Sony fake Blog for PSP saga continues. You can read the first posting here: Sony PlayStation Goes Fake Blog For PSP – How Does This Happen?
I did not hear back from Meredith Goette at Zipatoni, so emailed here this at 3:43 pm today:
“..any progress? The Blogosphere waits for no one (as I am sure you are witnessing 😉
Please let me know. I would sincerely like your side of the story.”
I got a response back at 4:49 pm from Meredith that said:
“Working on it!”
Hmmmm…. How many days can Zipatoni work on this?
Why do I feel guilty about this Blog posting? Twist Image is a marketing agency and I don’t like calling out other agencies. I don’t know Zipatoni. I don’t know the work they do or who they do it for. I know how hard marketers can be on each other. I don’t want to be one of those “finger pointing” types. That’s not my style. I want Zipatoni to come out and let us know what is going on.
I invite them to join me on the next episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast or I’ll welcome an email interview (though I do prefer a phone/Skype conversation).
I want to know that they’re clean. That they believe in Social Media. That they have ethics and standards in place with regards to transparency.
I believe in them. I just need Zipatoni to let me (us) know the truth.
Either way.

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  1. Maybe they hope if they don’t say anything, people will just forget about it and move on. Sony or Zipatoni has already admitted it was a flog yesterday on the blog. However, they should be willing to do an interview, so we can all learn from what went wrong in this case, besides starting a fake blog, which never works on gamer.

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