Social Media Marketing Full-Day Seminar Coming To Toronto, Ottawa And Montreal Next

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Warning: self-promotional Blog posting ahead…

Along with IAB Canada – Interactive Advertising Bureau, I created a full-day seminar on Social Media Marketing. I already started the second leg of this cross-Canada seminar, and there are a few more dates coming up.

Here they are:

IAB Canada Social Media Marketing Full-Day Seminar:

– September 20th, 2007 – Toronto, Ontario.

– September 26th, 2007 – Ottawa, Ontario.

– October 10th, 2007 – Montreal, Quebec.

Here’s how the IAB Canada Website describes the Social Media Marketing full-day seminar:

“The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada’s new! Intensive, One-Day Course In Social Media Marketing, is a full 8-hours long, and is designed to simplify and demonstrate the many new channels of marketing, advertising and communication that make up the Social Media and Web 2.0 space.

Attendees will learn about Online Social Networks, RSS, Tags, Consumer Generated Content, Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis and Virtual Worlds – and more importantly, how to leverage these marketing channels for optimal results.”

If you have been thinking about this space, and how it applies to Marketing, rest assured, I’ve put everything I have (and more) into the development of this seminar. It includes statistics, examples, best practices, case studies, and checklists. It is everything you will need to build a business case (or proposal) for how your company can get involved in the many conversations that are now taking place online.

One of the components that seems to always get the most response is my “tools of the trade” section. Prior to diving into each channel and tactic, I walk the group through the many tools I use to connect, network and share in this brave new Marketing and Communications world.

So far, we’ve had sell-out crowds from Vancouver to Halifax, and the overall feedback is that they want more.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more, please visit: IAB Canada – Social Media Marketing Seminar.

As always, I usually come into the night before, so if you would like to meet up for drinks or an impromptu Geek Dinner, just let me know.