Social Commerce And The New Consumer

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The consumer of today looks nothing like the consumer of yesterday.

It’s not just Social Media. It’s everything from smartphones and iPads to connectivity and connections. These evolutions of technology, media and the general digitization of information is forcing brands to rethink the most fundamental question they have ever asked themselves: "why do people buy from us?" Over the past few days, I was honored to attend (and give a closing keynote presentation on the opening day) Radian6‘s first-ever user conference in Boston, Social 2011. My presentation, Social Commerce and the New Consumer, is a work in progress. Many people are looking at how brands are changing because of Social Media and technology, I prefer to look at how consumers have changed their buying habits because of Social Media and new technology. It’s no longer just about the long-standing e-commerce promise of one-click shopping. Consumers are interested in much more: content, community, conversation, bragging, mobility, sharing, connecting with their peers, etc… Radian6 live streamed the presentation and you can feel free to watch it below (it lasts about 45 minutes).

Social Commerce And The New Consumer…

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  1. I’m really grateful for you posting this. I haven’t had a chance to see you in person and this was the next best thing.
    I’m excited to share this with some people who don’t quite get social media. This video presentation compresses their learning curve. The fact that it’s present by the “Rock Star” of social media doesn’t suck either.
    Mitch, thanks. Sharing the message is creating the future today.

  2. Mitch,
    Fantastic post. Your interest in what’s driving consumers mirrors the philosophy behind a new site from a development team I work with called Keepio. The guys who are building the business started from your exact premise. Consumer reviews are so important to social commerce but on the big sites, who can say whether they’re genuine? What really sways our opinion one way or another is often the recommendation of a friend. Keepio provides that platform and enables people to make connections with new friends over common interests. Thank you for shining a brighter light on this aspect of social commerce. Great stuff.

  3. Now I’m really sorry I missed you in Halifax. You are engaging, funny and spot on.
    The book club is talking about Start with Why. I’ll share this with them and it will make for an interesting conversation.
    Overheard at a college: “Why would I get up for an 8:30 class given by a teaching assistant reading from the text book, when I can get a video online of the author of the text book.”
    This is a keynote for a pixelated workshop about Social Media.

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