Silicon Valley Always Boomed (Never Busted)

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In this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, journalist, G. Pascal Zachary, explores what’s next out of Silicon Valley. I always knew that once the dust settled and the Wall Street makers came crawling back with their tails between their legs that we would see what really happened – the next revolution. I’m not saying our world will turn into The Matrix (then again, I’m not saying it won’t). That being said, I believe, much like Tom Peters does, that the dot com era was under-hyped, and that we’ve only scratched the surface of how the internet, technology and pervasiveness of it all will change the way we work, play, live and even breath.

This article says: “Silicon Valley’s next boom. The glory days of high-tech may be over, but rumors of the region’s everlasting demise are greatly exaggerated.” Read about the obvious (Google’s monster footprint) and the not so obvious (nanotechnology) here: