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There was some very positive feedback from the two-hour session I ran today at the Online Marketing Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. The session was called, Web 2.0 University (which I quickly renamed Web 2.0 YOUniversity). Here’s the session description:

"Mitch Joel, dubbed as the ‘Rock Star of Digital Marketing’ by Marketing Magazine will lead retailers through his ‘tools of the trade.’   Mitch will demonstrate how to better monitor your customers through the Web 2.0 landscape, add your brand to other communities, and how to publish your own Blog/Podcast using only free tools. By the end of this session you will learn to use the most current Social Media tools to improve your business, track what customers are saying about you across all channels, how to share this wealth of knowledge with your colleagues, and, ultimately, be a better Marketer. Bring your own laptop for this dynamic and interactive workshop session."

For the most part, I was doing live demos, but many of the attendees asked if I could send them my PowerPoint deck. While having dinner with Larry Joseloff from, he suggested that I put all of the tools – and websites – into a Blog posting (good idea, Larry). So here are all of the links to the sites/tools I demoed (and I’ll even add in some extras, plus where to find me on some of these channels).

There was also some contention about one stat that I showed during the intro. It was that worldwide e-commerce spending is expected to surpass seven trillion dollars this year. The source of this statistic is from the latest issue of Fast Company. Here is the link to the article – Fast Company – Journal-ist: Freedom of Choice (it’s in the first paragraph).

Now, on to the curriculum from Web 2.0 YOUniversity (I’m going to add wikis to a future session):

Final thought: my biggest dream is that the participants will take back whatever they learned and hold their own lunch and learns or meet-ups within their companies and communities to share these tool and get people engaged. It’s impossible to go through every one in-depth, but just getting your team up to speed on how to use RSS and an online reader is a big win. Having your department share links and other goodies in is cool too.

Even if you did not attend the session, why not grab your team for lunch tomorrow, buy them some pizza and deep dive on one or two of the links above? I’d love to hear how the session went.


  1. Mitch – that was probably the best 2 hours at a I can remember… thanks for sharing…
    The kids are asleep and I’m secretly trying to figure out this stuff before they do!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Scott and Troy. I had a blast showing off my “tools of the trade.”
    I’m hopeful that more and more companies take this idea and bring me into their shops to do workshops like this.
    I see this also as a great client event. Imagine companies doing this as a two-hour session, and then lunch – it would be a blast.

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