Seth Godin To Appear On Across The Sound With Joseph Jaffe

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A couple of weeks back, I was in Second Life having a conversation with Divo Dapto (Joseph Jaffe) and Cleon Goff (C.C. Chapman) when Jaffe asked us to guess who will be on his Podcast, Across The Sound. With the buzz about Seth Godin putting up and then taking down the comments functionality on his Blog (check out my Blog posting, Seth Godin Comments On No Comments), he was my natural guess. It turns out that Jaffe was actually talking about Corbin Bernsen (best known as Arnie Becker from the hit TV show, LA Law) who, in fact, did appear on Across The Sound #41. I was really hoping to hear Jaffe go toe-to-toe with Godin… it would have been the marketing equivalent of the Rumble In The Jungle.
Turns out, Seth Godin has agreed to appear on Across The Sound with Joseph Jaffe. Jaffe made the announcement on Across The Sound #42, which also features an excellent conversation with Logic + Emotion’s David Armano.
The Seth Godin conversation is scheduled for August, and Jaffe is asking that people send in audio questions by calling 206-203-3255.
How many people will ask Godin why he turned on and then disabled the comments on his Blog?
I’d like to know how Godin feels about social media and what are his top picks for marketing Blogs and Podcasts that keep him in the loop?