Seth Godin And Joseph Jaffe On Across The Sound Podcast – Get It

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I talk about more than my own Podcast, Six Pixels Of Separation, here at the Twist Image Blog. One of my favorite “other” new marketing Podcasts is Joseph Jaffe and his Across The Sound Podcast.
In his new episode, ATS #47 – The New Marketing Podcast Celebrity SethMatch, Jaffe sits down in the Westport Connecticut Mall (in the food court, no less) with none other than Seth Godin. Godin is promoting his new book, Small Is The New Big, and this is one conversation no one in marketing should miss.
One of my favorite parts is Jaffe’s regular feature, Winners And Losers, and this episode had some brilliant insights.
Godin said something very profound that made me rethink my post from yesterday, Pitches Subway For All To See. While I will do a terrible job of paraphrasing The Purple Cow himself, Godin made a quick aside that, at least, did something risky. It’s easy for us, as Bloggers (and cynical marketers), to sit back and be armchair quarterbacks on what could have (or should have) done.
So, have you done something risky today? (and uploaded it to YouTube ๐Ÿ˜‰
Check out the Podcast here: Across The Sound #47 – The New Marketing Podcast Celebrity SethMatch.