Saying No, Respecting Design And Other Secrets Of Creative Genuis

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If someone asked you to name two of the best living designers and storytellers, who would you choose?

It’s not even a competition for me. My two favorite creative forces in the world are Apple‘s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, and famed director and writer, J.J. Abrams. I love, respect, follow and admire them for varying reasons, but I can’t think of two more impressive individuals, that I would love to invite to dinner (as the game goes). From the technology that empowers me to do the work that I do, to the stories, movies, tv shows, books and more that keep me entertained. These two are both forces of nature unto themselves. So, imagine my excitement to come across the following conversation. Vanity Fair held some kind of summit, and had both Abrams and Ive share the stage, in a moderated conversation with none other than Brian Grazer (award-winning producer, and author of the magnificent book, A Curious Mind). Truth be told, I’d be honoured to spend time with Grazer too, who is also a genius and deep thinker. 

Here’s one hour that will blow your mind.

While I have seen Abrams be very candid about both his creative process, and how he hones in on the ideas that go from ideation to creation in the past, I can’t ever recall seeing Ive so candid about his process, his relationship to Steve Jobs and what he thinks about design, technology and the future of our world. I first watched this presentation last Friday, and have since re-watched it another handful of times. My candid recommendation: have a notebook and pen nearby… here’s a master class in ideation, creativity and how to sniff out winning ideas.

J.J. Abrams, Brian Grazer and Jony Ive on inventing worlds in a changing one…