Rock Star: INXS – JD Fortune Cookie

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Well, I just finished watching the season finale of Rock Star: INXS. If you’ve been following this Blog, you’ll know that in my posting, The Marketing Of Rock Star: INXS, I made it clear, as I felt strongly, that Mig Ayesa was the only natural choice for INXS as their new front-person. I was quite shocked that the band booted him first in the final three-man elimination episode tonight and then opted for JD Fortune to take on the coveted frontman slot that was left vacant since Michael Hutchence’s death. All that being said, I’m glad it went to a Canadian.
Here are some random – marketing driven – thoughts on this series.
– The band should now tour. The tour should feature all of the singers who got booted off as the opening act and they should be backed by the House Band from Rock Star: INXS. That band was all kinds of good.
– If they truly want Marty Casey to open for them, I would suggest that Marty recruit Rock Star: INXS co-host/guitarist Dave Navarro for his new “band.”
– In a perfect world, INXS should tour with Queen. Queen should get Mig Ayesa to sing for them. INXS should open for Queen.
– INXS should get JD Fortune into a studio, record and release his song, Pretty Vegas while people still care.
– Neither Alice In Chains nor Queen should subject themselves to this next year. I’m not sure who the next band is that will be looking for a lead singer via a Mark Burnett reality show, but I would loose all kinds of respect for both Alice In Chains and Queen (both have been rumored to be next) should they do it on CBS.
– I think I, much like INXS, will now replace the grammatical use of the “period” with the word “INXS.” How many times (and how awkward was it?) to hear, “I’m sorry, you’re just not right for our band, INXS.”
OK, now it’s time to get back to reality and step away from the reality television.