Rick Wolff… You Will Be Missed

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What a terribly sad day.

Back in 2007, my literary agent (Jim Levine) mentioned Rick Wolff‘s name.
At the time, Rick was the Vice President and Editor In Chief at Grand Central Publishing (part of Hachette Book Group).

He was very interested in my first book, Six Pixels of Separation (long before a word of it was written).

After just one meeting, it became clear to me that he would not only be a great Publisher, but a great Editor, Coach and ally as I made my way through the publishing world.
Rick was always there.
Rick was humble.
Rick was critical… and helpful.
Rick was a really big deal in the publishing world, and he never acted like I was punching above my weight class in working with him… but I knew that I was.
Rick really wanted to work together (and this gave me confidence at a time when I wasn’t sure if I had a quality book in me).

He was always:

Happy to make an introduction.
Happy to edit/question my writing.
Happy to introduce me to his other writer’s for blurbs and advice.
Happy to push his PR and marketing team on my behalf.
Happy to take a look at friend’s manuscripts/book proposals.
Happy to just talk business, coaching, regular life and more.

In short: No Rick Wolff (along with Jim Levine), No Six Pixels of Separation and no CTRL ALT Delete books.

He pushed for my work to find an audience.
He pushed hard.
I just can’t believe he’s gone.
The publishing industry just lost a true (and kind) titan.
May you find a “Rick Wolff” in your life to champion your work.

May his memory be a blessing…

Here is the statement from his family: Remembering Rick Wolff.

Donations can be made to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.