Retro-Blogging And Bad Internet Connectivity

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It was done with the best intent, but failed. Yesterday en route to the Strategy And Innovation Forum in Orlando, Florida, I had two Blog postings (now viewable below) ready to go. When I checked into the hotel, there was major Internet connectivity issues (thank you Mr. Murphy), so I was unable to post these thoughts until just now. So, I retro-Blogged them (in terms of publish date). This way, they are in context.

I’m hoping to grab some audio interview today for Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast (yes, I’m talking to you, Andy Sernovitz). I’ll probably drop some twitter tweets throughout the day and, if the spirit strikes me, maybe some Blogging too.

I’m presenting this afternoon on the subject of Social Shopping and moderating a roundtable discussion called, Blogging, Podcasting and Other Digital Conversations With Your Consumers. I’ve been spending some time with always surprising Andy Nulman from Airborne Entertainment and one of my very favourite Blogs, Pow! Right Between The Eyes.

For the record, Andy makes an excellent shopping guide.


  1. I am totally relieved to see that I am not alone. I was beginning to loose hope that I’d never find an interactive agency in Montreal that is aware of let alone uses all the possibilities of the web. Your agency is a breath of fresh air let me say! I’m living an absolute nightmare with a certain OTHER Montreal agency who doesn’t push for RSS feeds and wanted to use !!MAPQUEST!! as their mapping tool. Thank God for you Joel – it truly gives me hope! I’ve started following you on Twitter now. Is you podcast available on iTunes? Let me know. Thanks!

  2. Mitch–
    I am as good a shopping guide as you are a speaker…although I use fewer slides. Next time we’re on the same bill together, I promise to wear the maroon crushed velvet Armani I bought on our recent adventure…as long as you wear the peach crepe frock you bought. Oh, that was for Ali. Sorry…

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