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What are you going to do with your life?

Can anyone remember where that line is from? The year was 1985. The band was Twisted Sister. The song was ‘I Wanna Rock.’ For your reference…

Do you wanna rock?

My latest book, CTRL ALT Delete, came out on May 21st. The book is divided into two parts. The first part (Reboot: Business) is about the five movements that have changed business forever, that brands are doing little (to nothing) about. The second part of the book is called, Reboot: You. In this part i talk about what kind of people we need to be in this brand new (and ever-evolving) business landscape. Right before the book came out, it was announced that Yahoo would acquire Tumblr for over one billion dollars. The founder and CEO of this contemporary blogging platform-meets-online social network is a web developer and entrepreneur by the name of David Karp. Karp is 26 years old and is the embodiment of this new generation of worker. He has the digital-first posture, he believes in squiggly careers and he’s not too concerned about things like pension plans (especially now that he’s a multi-millionaire). Shortly after the acquisition, Karp made his first appearance on the Charlie Rose show. It’s a stunner. Put aside his age and his passion. Watch his story. Hear how his parents encouraged him. Try to understand what motivates him. Karp is a exemplary case study for the second part of CTRL ALT Delete. It’s also a story we should all watch, share and talk about.

Ready to Reboot You? Watch David Karp’s story… 

Charlie Rose interviews Tumblr’s David Karp.