Podcasting From The Heart, The Music Business, PodCamp Montreal And Two Very Special Guests

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PodCamp Montreal is a mere five weeks away. It’s happening on September 20 – 21, and like most unconferences (where everyone self-organizes), there’s still lots to do. Part of my commitment to making this event a reality has been securing sponsorship (that being said, if you’re interested in ponying up some floosh to make this work, please drop me a line). If you’re still unsure what this whole PodCamp Montreal and unconference scene is about you can check out this post: PodCamp Comes To Montreal – Register Now or this one: Unconference Defined. The coolest part of PodCamp Montreal is, of course, the learning and presentations. I always knew I would present "something" (and, by "something" I mean not the usual topics that I give through my speaker’s bureau).

I’m really excited about the two sessions I managed to wrangle together:

1. The New New Music – Fans, Community And What Business Can Learn From An Industry In Peril is a session I am going to co-present with David Usher. David is the former lead singer of Moist and a multi-million CD selling solo artist. He’s about to release his latest solo disc, Wake Up And Say Goodbye. We’ve been friends for over fifteen years and spend a good deal of time discussing the social web, social media, Web 2,0, the music industry and the new power. This session is going to be all about how to turn fans into thriving communities. David also Blogs about this sort of stuff over at cloudid.

2. Podcasting From The Heart – The Value Of Recording A Show With No Editing And No Second Takes. At the first PodCamp ever (PodCamp Boston), I finally got to meet C.C. Chapman in person. C.C. has a fistful of great Podcasts (including the must-listen-to Managing The Gray, Accident Hash and U-Turn Cafe). He also runs a very successful Digital Marketing agency called, The Advance Guard. C.C. is widely regarded as "the face" of podsafe music. When I first got interested in Podcasting, I pinged C.C. after hearing him being interviewed on Joseph Jaffe‘s Podcast, Across The Sound (now known as Jaffe Juice), and he was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for me to get started. I refer to him as the Godfather of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. C.C. and I both subscribe to the more "indie" way of recording a Podcast – live, no edits and no second takes. We’re going to present like we record, and speak from our hearts about the power of Podcasting and what it takes to create and emote in this very unique channel. C.C. lives in the Boston area, but will be making the drive north to join us in person.

PodCamp Montreal is 100% free. You can register over here (close to 200 people already have): PodCamp Montreal.


  1. I’m really excited to be getting up to Montreal. It is a trip that is LONG overdue and it is going to be great to see so many people there that I’ve been missing.
    Plus we get to present again. I can’t wait!

  2. Very thought provoking stuff in the last few entries Mitch. I really learn a lot from your blog. Just wanted to say “thanks” and best of luck with Podcamp!

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