Podcasting At A Business Near You – The Globe And Mail Reports

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The Globe And Mail published this article, Podcasting At A Business Near You, in yesterday’s Technology section of the newspaper.
“Podcasting, which involves the distribution of personalized audio or video clips over the Internet to computers, laptops or digital audio players such as iPods, is becoming a new medium of communication in the corporate world. It’s being used to replace internal memos, blogs, e-mails and even trade shows. The up-and-coming technology is cost-efficient — in some cases, it requires little more than a microphone and a computer. And, as a marketing tool, it holds the potential of reaching a young and savvy audience, experts say.”
I got a chuckle out of the “it’s being used to replace Blogs” statement. I thought Blogs were just starting to take off? It seems like I was wrong and they’re already being replaced.
Is it all moving that fast?
Podcasting At A Business Near You is actually an important read because it validates that Podcasts are an effective way for a business to rise above the clutter. Corporations can use Podcasting as both a marketing and communications strategy.
As it stands today, Podcasting is quasi-cost-effective and a different way to get a message out there. It’s very attractive to that young and hip segment that are far too jaded to care about your TV commercials or internal corporate newsletters.
Ultimately, we’re looking at the next logical step in the evolution of social media. Granted, video casting or mobile Blogging are also very next-gen.
I’d like to know if you think that Podcasting is something businesses should be looking into?
I know this topic is also going to be covered by C.C. Chapman of Managing The Gray during his keynote at the CMA – Canadian Marketing AssociationDigital Marketing Conference 2006.
You can read the full article here: Podcasting At A Business Near You – The Globe And Mail.