Podcasters Across Borders 2007 Comes To Kingston This Summer

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It’s hard to believe that I only met Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis in September 2006 at PodCamp Boston. I had heard of the Canadian Podcast Buffet and their conference, Podcasters Across Borders, but my true exposure to the channel of Podcasting was mostly relegated to marketing and PR shows. By PodCamp Boston, I was just scratching the surface of podsafe music and how popular of a groundswell the Podcasting space was experiencing.
I was driving home from a CBC Radio interview this morning listening to the March 22nd, 2007 episode of Canadian Podcast Buffet, 33% More PAB2007, Promos, Effects Loops And Equalization. Mark and Bob are just so passionate about the Podcasting space that it is scary. I also truly love listening to their show just because it is sooo Canadian (I wonder if they can hear how Canadian it is?). It was cool that they played the promo to Foreword Thinking – The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast, but what really got me excited was listening to them discuss their plans for Podcasters Across Borders 2007.
Podcasters Across Borders 2007 takes place June 22 – 24 in Kingston, Ontario (which is about the halfway point from Montreal to Toronto by car). Known as Canada’s first Podcasting conference, you really have to listen to the latest episode of Canadian Podcast Buffet to “get” the passion and learning that will take place. While this is not an unconference like PodCamp, it’s even crazier to think that they are organizing this whole three-day event and asking only seventy-five dollars for registration (yup, I just registered).
I will also be presenting a “marketing toolkit” for Podcasters at Podcasters Across Borders 2007. It’s going to be a great weekend.
Go check it out here: Podcasters Across Borders 2007.


  1. I’ve been seriously looking into PodCamp Kingston. I was just waiting to hear confirmation from you. Now, I’m almost certain that I will register. Who else do you expect to attend?

  2. Hey Austin,
    I’m not involved in the organizing of this event, but you should run over to the website and get in touch with their either Bob or Mark – they’ll be happy to help.

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