PodCamp NYC This Week

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It’s killing me that I’m not able to make it to PodCamp NYC this week. I booked early but with everything going down around the same time period, it’s virtually impossible to hop in the car and make the five hour drive to New York City for PodCamp.
Just knowing that Christopher S. Penn (Marketing Ninja), C.C. Chapman, Joseph Jaffe and eight hundred other passionate Podcasting people are descending on the Big Apple on April 7th, 2007 for what has become one of my favorite unconferences, is enough to make me nuts.
You can check out the schedule here: PodCamp NYC Schedule. I’m not even sure I could make a choice as to which sessions to attend – there are so many great ones. There are also some surefire parties, events and other usual PodCamp craziness going on (word is Uncle Seth will be doing impromptu acoustic sessions in the hallways and stuff).
So, if you are heading over to PodCamp NYC and were hoping that I would be delivering my Personal Branding session for Podcasters, please accept my apologies… I just can’t make it.
In the meantime, I’m getting my Technorati watchlist all set up for PodCamp NYC and, if anyone is interested, registration is still open.
I also just heard about PodCruise Miami. How tempting is that? A Podcasting unconference that is taking place on a cruise ship from Miami. I’m very seriously considering this. PodCruise Miami will be taking place on December 7th, 2007 (around the same time the snow starts falling in beautiful Montreal).
It is truly amazing to see how many people are getting self-organized around the concept of PodCamp and the spirit of unconferences. Currently on the PodCamp wiki there are fourteen upcoming PodCamps taking place all over the world.
More info here: PodCamp, PodCruise Miami and PodCamp NYC.