PodCamp Is Overwhelming Me

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PodCamp Boston is heading into the final day and, as you can see from my sparse postings, it is an overwhelming and fascinating event.
I have a handful of posts that I will Retro Blog (i.e. post date to when they were written) over the next couple of days, and this includes the upcoming episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast (which I hope to record either sometime tonight or tomorrow).
There are too many highlights from PodCamp to get into right now, but we did a very lively CarCast and I got the chance to finally meet C.C. Chapman in person and co-presented with him (even turned the classic Bob Marley tune, No Woman No Cry, into No C.C. Home Fry – inside joke).
There was also a brain melt moment when Uncle Seth performed and Steve Garfield posted it to his Video Blog. By the time the band had wiped the sweat from its brow, the Blog posting, Uncle Seth At PodCamp, was already live. So, we have Garfield shooting a video Blog and posting it live right away… the world is moving fast.
One of the big “light bulb moments” for me came early at PodCamp Day One. I normally get bored with the sessions and tend to thumb-away on my Blackberry. At PodCamp, I’m actually learning… a lot about how to create, grow my audience and a general better understanding of how to make Six Pixels Of Separation superior. It’s also given me some great ideas for newer Podcasts.
Yes, that was a tease.


  1. So many good memories from less then 24 hours together. It was an amazing moment to meet, present, hang out, hug and get to know you. I can’t wait till we do it again.
    And I will always get a little grin on my face knowing that I made Mitch Joel take pause with a simple sentance!

  2. Mitch- It was so great to have you at PodCamp, adding your voice and perspective to the conversation. I’m glad to have met you finally in person, and thrilled to have seen some of the interactions in progress. (I felt like sticking mics in). : )

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