PodCamp Boston 2 Is Set For October 26th – 28th, 2007 Plus More On Unconferences

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I had a huge smile on my face when Christopher S. Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast, Marketing Over Coffee and co-founder of PodCamp shot me an email with the dates for PodCamp Boston 2. As you may recall, attending the first-ever PodCamp – which was PodCamp Boston – last September really changed my attitude about how my online and real-life social networks connect. I had a chance to meet friends I had never met in person, and I also learned more at PodCamp Boston than any other conference I had attended in years. It was almost too much to bear
I’m very happy to announce that after a year of seeing PodCamps spring up across the world, the original organizers of PodCamp are bringing it back to where it all started. PodCamp Boston 2 is taking place on October 26th – 28th, 2007.
If you don’t know what PodCamp is all about, here’s how it’s described on the PodCamp Boston 2 Registration website:
“a FREE 2 day Unconference exploring new media community tools like blogging, videoblogging, podcasting, second life, twitter, and more. The event is created by the participants, and everyone had a voice in the experience. Newcomers are welcome and you don’t have to be a techie to get a lot out of coming and participating in a PodCamp. ”
Yep, it’s one hundred percent free and the bulk of the event is self-organized by the participants. All you have to do is head over to the wiki, register and feel free to put yourself down to create and present a session. You even get some meals covered, a t-shirt and other goodies.
PodCamp is all about social networking through mass collaboration, the trust economy and the wisdom of crowds.
At last look, there are already about one hundred and fifty people registered to attend (including me).
If you can’t wait for October, there are plenty of other PodCamps taking place prior to PodCamp Boston 2 in various locations. You can see the full listing here: PodCamp.
In related news, there is growing support to create a PodCamp New Orleans. This is an amazing idea. You can get a feel for the reasons and emotions behind it over here: Christopher S. Penn – PodCamp New Orleans? Once again, if the date fits with my schedule, I can’t think of a more appropriate way to experience New Orleans for my first time.
If you’re still unclear on how you might be able to benefit from an unconference, I encourage you to visit the wiki, learn more about PodCamp and do your best to join me at PodCamp Boston 2. If you get only ten percent of the experience that I had last September, it will still be well worth your time.
Here is the link: PodCamp Boston 2.
Also check out: PodCamp.