Please Dig Deep For Justin Levy. He Is One Of Us.

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Life is fragile. Really fragile.

I’m on Facebook – like I am every day – flicking through stuff. I’m used to seeing something from Justin Levy that is going to either make me hungry (he eats well, clean and healthy) or something that’s going to make me feel guilty for being on Facebook and not working out (he is known to hit the gym and then report back on which parts of his body he has "destroyed" on any given day). Suddenly, he’s posting from a hospital.


He had seizures. Bad ones. He can’t move his arms. What’s going on? It turns out that he has a 2.5 inch tumor on his brain. Plus, in the midst of the seizures, he managed to dislocate and fracture both of his shoulders. What? Justin? Can’t be! He’s the picture of health. I’ve known (and been a fan of) Justin’s for years. Some people know him as the guy who heads up social media for Citrix. Others know him as the bestselling co-author of the business book, Facebook Marketing. I like to just think of him as one of smart, kind and caring friend. I’m simply gutted by this news.

He’s down (today), but he ain’t out for the count.

The story is still unfolding. Justin’s awaiting surgery for his shoulders, and once that is done, they are going to transfer him to another hospital for mapping of his brain, so that he can have brain surgery next week to remove the tumor. The doctors will still need to figure out if that tumor is benign (or not). Regardless of these hurdles – and in the best case scenario – he has a long journey ahead of him. He minces no words about this on his Facebook page, and his candor and positive outlook about his situation is inspiring.

I want to help Justin. I want you to help Justin.

A bunch of his digital community friends came together and created a crowdrise page to help "destroy" his medical bills (which, as you can well imagine, will be a burden on him). Justin always inspires us all to destroy our muscles in the gym, so the least that we can do for Justin is to help him destroy these medical bills. I don’t ask you, dear reader, for much, but I am asking you to help out Justin. Every little bit counts. If you were thinking about buying a coffee tomorrow before work, think about Justin. Instead of buying that one coffee for you, please consider making a donation. Let’s face it: this happened to Justin, but it could have just as easily been any one of us. We often talk about the power of social media to build community. Let’s stop talking about it and start walking that talk.

Please help Justin: Justin Levy’s Medical Bills: Destroyed! Campaign.

On behalf of Justin and his family… I thank you!