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Pixelated is a free full-day online conference with some of the world’s leading speakers on the topic of how business is changing including: Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin, Chris Anderson, Avinash Kaushik, Chris Brogan and many more.

It is 100% free and it starts right now.

The idea for this online video conference mash-up was inspired (or stolen) by Six Pixels of Separation friend, Bryan Eisenberg (co-author of Call To Action, Waiting For Your Cat To Bark? and Always Be Testing). On his GrokDotCom Blog, he created OnClick: The Online Marketing Virtual Conference Mashup. Eisenberg collected, gathered and aggregated some of the best presentations he’s uncovered online on the topic of Online Marketing, and then formatted the video viewing as if he were the conference organizer. It’s a full-day (literally) of amazing online video.

Here is Pixelated – Your New Business Virtual Conference. In this full-day online conference, you will get an overview of how business is changing. You’ll hear from educators, marketers, authors, technicians and business leaders. You will be inspired, educated and motivated to think differently about your business and how to grow it… all from the comfort of your own computer.

No travel. No airport line-ups. No hotels. No fees. No hidden fees. Just brilliant insights to spark your imagination and push your business forward.

Pixelated – Your New Business Conference:

Do Schools Kill Creativity?Sir Ken Robinson (19:29):

All Marketers Are LiarsSeth Godin (48:02):

Web Analytics @ GoogleAvinash KaushikOccam’s Razor (55:55):

Social Media Strategy – From Cowpaths to MastodonsChris Brogan (56:00):

The Mystery BoxJ.J. Abrams – Writer (Lost, Alias, etc…) (18:02):

Here Comes EverybodyClay Shirky (42:12):

Everything Is MiscellaneousDavid Weinberger – co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto (57:04):

The Secret To Making Money OnlineDavid Heinemeier Hansson37 Signals (31:53):

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Presentation Zen @ GoogleGarr ReynoldsPresentation Zen (1:11:48):

The Long TailChris AndersonWired Magazine (38:48):

Classical Music With Shining EyesBenjamin ZanderThe Art of Possibility (20:43):

What inspired you about Pixelated? Who would you like to see speak at the next Pixelated conference?

Feel free to also discuss your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. While I appreciate all the kind comments and the tweets, this really was stolen from Bryan Eisenberg at GrokDotCom who did it first.
    That being said, I think I’m going to run a bunch of Pixelated conferences online going forward.
    It reminds me of when I was a teenager and used to make mix tapes 🙂

  2. This is really the best idea for a conference (and I´ve just been to Picnic08 in Amsterdam) – because I don´t need to convince any of these finance guys that its worth it for the agency to send me there 😉
    I just will miss the interesting chats if you have on such conferences.

  3. Great collection, Mitch! I remember kicking around the idea of starting an online conference a while back, just to keep the mileage down… and then you just go ahead and do this. Brilliant!

  4. I watched David Heinemeier Hansson talk first, because I’d not heard of him and, I concede, I couldn’t resist the title.
    It was one of the best web business talks I’ve ever seen.
    I think it’s worth viewing more than once. I’m already sharing it with my business partners.
    Thanks Mitch for posting it.

  5. ….. And yes, this is a great idea. I’ve also been thinking about a similar idea with photography videos at new media photo.
    I’m going to take a look a what others have done too and get on it.
    thanks again,

  6. Great idea and definitely a cool thing to find on a dreary Monday morning. Thanks Mitch – and I have to admit that I’m inspired to do the same!
    Love the mix tape analogy – I bet we’re going to see everyone’s head space being played and shared even more after this.

  7. Thanks Mitch! I LOVE this concept. What a great idea. I’ve always wanted to put together my dream conference…an homage to that age old question “Who would you invite to dinner if…” Here is the first in my conference series. I’m looking forward to see everyone’s Pixelated Conference!

  8. A “playlist” of the best business minds on the web – it is a real gift to those of us looking for innovative business thinking.
    I’m a bit late to this party but I look forward to finding more of these mash-ups real soon.

  9. hi, I’m Sung. Korean. My job is social media evangelist. My activity is social media marketing education, consulting, process handling, etc to enterprise and local organization.
    Recently, I read your book ‘six pixel’. I’m very impressed your perspective. I agreed your thought. So I’m your blog’s regular reader. Although, I just can english a little that I will tell you “I always expect your posts.”
    Thank you for your reading.

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