Pay Attention To Net Neutrality

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In The United States Today, An Important Decision Was Made About The Future Of The Internet.

The term “net neutrality” has been in our zeitgeist for the past few years. Many were not sure when (or if) these changes would become law. It has happened. It is not a completely clear and obvious thing, but it is here. Do you believe that certain people (or companies) are entitled to have faster access to the Internet? Do you believe that if that should take place, it would be fair for some people (or companies) to not be able to get their content/information fast enough (or at all) to an audience? Yes, it’s that complex.

The vote has passed.

The Internet will be treated like a utility (must like electricity, etc..). What does all of this really mean? John Oliver‘s thirteen minute segment on Last Week Tonight from last June is funny, true and should give you everything you really need to know about net neutrality… and what it means…

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO).