Passion, Love, Wow And More

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I’m still thinking about the amazing (and free) webinar yesterday titled, Lovemarks By Design, that was presented by Change Hero, Tom Peters, and Lovemarks author/Saatchi + Saatchi honcho, Kevin Roberts. The event was put on by Microsoft’s Live Meeting (formerly PlaceWare) with Peters and Roberts jamming off marketing gems and insights.
I’m still reeling from Roberts’ stories about Harley Davidson (“every other motorcycle is shit”) and iPods (“everything else is just an MP3 player”). After this discussion, there is no discussion that the future battleground for the minds (and dollars) of the customer will be around how much your product means to them. Not exactly the easiest thing to create or market – then again, not everybody has the fortune of finding and being in love. That’s the point. It takes commitment, hard work, perseverance, mystery, intrigue, respect and TLC.
Tom Peters and Kevin Roberts have my love (and appreciation). They also served up the best free webinar I have ever attended – bravo for taking that medium to a new level!